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Trim DV-5 L
Bộ TRIM dùng cho DV-5 Tyco
Mã SP: Trim DV-5

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Chi tiết sản phẩm
Hãng sản xuất: Tyco
Xuất xứ: Mỹ
The Model DV-5 Deluge Valve (described in Technical Data Sheet TFP1305) is a diaphragm style valve
that depends upon water pressure in the Diaphragm Chamber to hold the
Diaphragm closed against the water supply pressure. When the DV-5 Valve is set for service, the Diaphragm
Chamber is pressurized through the trim connections from the inlet side of
the system’s main control valve, for example an O.S.&Y. gate valve or butterfly valve (Ref. Figures 1 and 3).
Opening of a wet pilot sprinkler, releases water from the Diaphragm
Chamber faster than it can be replenished through the 1/8 inch (3,2 mm)
restriction provided by the Model
ASV-1 Automatic Shut-Off Valve in the
diaphragm supply connections (Item 5
- Fig. 2A and 4, also described in Technical Data Sheet TFP1384). This results in a rapid pressure drop in the
Diaphragm Chamber and the force differential applied through the Diaphragm that holds it in the set position
is reduced below the valve trip point.
The water supply pressure then forces the Diaphragm open permitting water
to flow into the system piping, as well as through the Alarm Port to actuate
the system alarms.
As water flows into the system, the pilot chamber of the Model ASV-1
Automatic Shut-Off Valve (Item 5 - Fig.
2A and 4) becomes pressurized and the ASV-1 automatically shuts off the diaphragm chamber supply flow to the
DV-5 Diaphragm Chamber. Shutting off the diaphragm chamber supply flow
prevents the DV-5 Diaphragm Chamber from becoming re-pressurized, thereby preventing inadvertent closing
of the DV-5 during a fire (as may be the case if an actuation device other than
a pilot sprinkler were to be closed after its initial operation, for example a remote manual control station).

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